David Hanna

The Lucky Luciano Inheritance


Main Details
About/Subject Mafia: American
About/Subject Genovese Crime Family LCN
About/Subject Charley "Lucky" Luciano
About/Subject Vito Genovese
About/Subject Frank Costello
About/Subject The Godfather Series by David Hanna
Author David Hanna
Publisher Belmont Tower Books
Format Paperback
Publication Location The United States of America
Page Count 216 pages
Language English
Chapters I will add the chapters when I get a minute, or anyone else feel free to do it.
Notes This is a Belmont Tower Books paperback from 1975. It only has a copyright date of- well, 1975. It has no barcode, ISBN, or any other identifiers except on the spine- 508 50827 125.


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