Jeff Chang

Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation


Main Details
Author Jeff Chang
Introduction by DJ Kool Herc
Imprint Picador
Publisher St. Martin's Press, Inc.
Copyright Holder Jeff Chang
Copyright Holder (Introduction/Prologue) DJ Kool Herc
Designed by James Sinclair
Identifying Codes
ISBN 9780091912215
Barcode (EAN) 9780091912215
Format Paperback
Publication Location United Kingdom
Page Count 546 pages
Language English
Chapters Introduction by DJ Kool Herc
Loop 1: Babylon is Burning: 1968-1977
1. Necropolis: The Bronx and the Politics of Abandonment
2. Sipple Out Deh: Jamaica's Roots Generation and the Cultural Turn
3. Blood and Fire, with Occasional Music: The Gangs of the Bronx
4. Making a Name: How DJ Kool Herc Lost His Accent and Started Hip-Hop
Loop 2: Planet Rock: 1975-1986
5. Soul Salvation: The Mystery and Faith of Afrika Bambaataa
6. Furious Styles: The Evolution of Style in the Seven-Mile World
7. The World is Ours: The Survival and Transformation of Bronx Style
8. Zulus on a Time Bomb: Hip-Hop Meets the Rockers Downtown
9. 1982: Rapture in Reagan's America
10. End of Innocence: The Fall of the Old School
Loop 3: The Message: 1984-1992
11. Things Fall Apart: The Rise of the Post-Civil Rights Era
12. What We Got to Say: Black Suburbia, Segregation and Utopia in the Late 1980s
13. Follow for Now: The Question of Post-Civil Rights Black Leadership
14. The Culture Assassins: Geography, Generation and Gangsta Rap
15. The Real Enemy: The Cultural Riot of Ice Cube's Death Certificate
Loop 4: Stakes Is High: 1992-2001
16. Gonna Work It Out: Peace and Rebellion in Los Angeles
17. All in the Same Gang: The War on Youth and the Quest for Unity
18. Becoming the Hip-Hop Generation: The Source, the Industry and the Big Crossover
19. New World Order: Globalization, Containment and Counterculture at the End of the Century
Appendix: Words, Images and Sounds: A Selected Resource Guide


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