Richard Boon

The Catalogue: Number 77


Main Details
Series The Catalogue
Editor Richard Boon
Business Affairs Laura Connelly
Administrative Assistant Martin Aston
Contributor Graham Bent
Contributor Russell Brown
Contributor Nick Churchill
Contributor John Crawford
Contributor John Crosby
Contributor Guy Hayden
Contributor Mr Hyde
Contributor Charlie Inskip
Contributor Kent Jolly
Contributor Pete Keeley
Contributor Biba Kopf
Contributor Steve Morris
Contributor Liz Naylor
Contributor Hauser O'Brien
Contributor Marc Swallow
Contributor Everett True
Contributor Peter Wright
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Decode Design
Production Decode Design
Printed by Litosphere Ltd*
Publisher Rough Trade Distribution Ltd
Cover Artist The Lightning Seeds
About/Subject The Lightning Seeds
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 77
Price £1.50
Price $3 US
Price 18 Francs France
Price 6.50 DM Germany
Price 4500 Lire Italy
Price 6.50 Guilders Netherlands
Price 5 Francs Switzerland
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 32 pages
Language English
Notes Includes free Flexi Single "Love Explosion" by The Lightning Seeds (CAT077).
Released by kind permission of Ghetto Publishing Co.
From the forthcoming album "CloudCuckooLand"
Made in England

Actual Martin Aston credit appears as Rent Boy.


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