Reinhard Klein

Der Rallyesport 83-84


Main Details
Text by Reinhard Klein
Photography Reinhard Klein
Interview by/Interviewer Herbert Völker
Interview with/Interviewee Walter Röhrl
Interview with/Interviewee Hannu Mikkola
Text by Klaus Buhlmann
Text by J. Walton*
Text by Helmut Deimel
Text by Claus-Peter Andorka
Text by Graham Robson
Text by Rainer Buttkereit
Text by Günther Frauenkron
Text by Dieter Zscheile
Editor Reinhard Klein
Editorial Assistant Claus-Peter Andorka
Technical Editor Bernd Lay
Lithographed by Gebrüder Wüst
Typeset by Sibylle Hunecke
Concept by Druckhaus Rudolf Müller
Printed and Bound by Druckhaus Rudolf Müller
Publisher Druckhaus Rudolf Müller
About/Subject Motorsport
About/Subject Racing
About/Subject Rally Racing
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 3-481-29811-0
Format Hardback
Publication Location Köln, Germany
Page Count 208 pages
Language German


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