Henry S. Whitehead

Jumbee And Other Uncanny Tales


Main Details
Author Henry S. Whitehead
Introduction by R. H. Barlow
Cover Artist Charles Frank Wakefield
Publisher Arkham House
Format Hardback
Publication Location Sauk City, WI
Page Count 394 pages
Font Caledonia
Language English
Chapters Henry S. Whitehead, by R. H. Barlow
Jumbee (Weird Tales, 1926)
Cassius (Strange Tales, 1931)
Black Tancrède (Weird Tales, 1929)
The Shadows (Weird Tales, 1927)
Sweet Grass (Weird Tales, 1929)
The Black Beast (Adventure, 1931)
Seven Turns in a Hangman's Rope (Adventure, 1932)
The Tree-Man (Weird Tales, 1930)
Passing of a God (Weird Tales, 1930)
Mrs. Lorriquer (Weird Tales, 1932)
Hill Drums (Weird Tales, 1931)
The Projection of Armand Dubois (Weird Tales, 1926)
The Lips (Weird Tales, 1929)
The Fireplace (Weird Tales, 1924)
Notes Printed by The Collegiate Press, George Banta Publishing Company, Menasha, Wisconsin.


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