Frank Belknap Long

The Hounds of Tindalos


Main Details
Author Frank Belknap Long
Cover Artist Hannes Bok
Publisher Arkham House
Format Hardback
Publication Location Sauk City, WI
Page Count 316 pages
Font Garamond
Language English
Chapters A Visitor from Egypt (Weird Tales, September 1930)
The Refugees (Unknown Worlds, February 1942)
Fisherman's Luck (Unknown, July 1940)
Death-Waters (Weird Tales, December 1924)
Grab Bags Are Dangerous (Unknown Worlds, June 1942)
The Elemental (Unknown, July 1939)
The Peeper (Weird Tales, March 1944)
Bridgehead (Astounding Science Fiction, August 1944)
Second Night Out (Weird Tales, October 1933, as "The Black, Dead Thing")
The Dark Beasts (Marvel Tales, July-August 1934)
Census Taker (Unknown Worlds, April 1942)
The Ocean Leech (Weird Tales, January 1925)
The Space-Eaters (Weird Tales, July 1928)
It Will Come to You (Unknown Worlds, December 1942)
A Stitch in Time (Super-Science, March 1940)
Step Into My Garden (Unknown Worlds, August 1942)
The Hounds of Tindalos (Weird Tales, March 1929)
Dark Vision (Unknown, March 1939)
The Flame Midget (Astounding Stories, December 1936)
Golden Child (Thrilling Wonder Stories, Winter 1945, as "They Sculp," by Leslie Northern)
The Black Druid (Weird Tales, July 1930)
Notes Tweny-five hundred copies printed by The Collegiate Press, George Banta Publishing Company, Menasha, Wisconsin.


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