Criterion Designs

(First Published)

Main Details
Writer Eric Skillman
Designed by Eric Skillman
Art Director/Editor Eric Skillman
Art Director/Editor Sarah Habibi
Production William Brese
Graphic Production by Julie Sussman
Photo/Picture Researcher Susan Arosteguy
Photo/Picture Researcher Clara Molinier
Endpapers by Jason Polan
Editorial Director Liz Helfgott
Managing Editor Brian McCreight
Contributing Editor Anna Thorngate
Contributing Editor Michael Koresky
Printed by Oddi Printing Corporation*
Copyright Holder The Criterion Collection
Publisher Peter Becker (2)
Publisher Jonathan Turell
About/Subject The Criterion Collection
About/Subject Cover Art
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 13 978-1-60465-936-8
Format Hardback
Page Count 306 pages
Language English


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