Raymond T. McNally, Radu Florescu

In Search of Dracula: A True History of Dracula and Vampire Legends


Main Details
Author Raymond T. McNally
Author Radu Florescu
Publisher New York Graphic Society
Designed by Ray Ripper
Graphics by Frank De Luca
Composition JD Computer Type Inc.
Printed and Bound by Halliday Lithograph Corp.
Copyright Holder Raymond T. McNally
Copyright Holder Radu Florescu
About/Subject Dracula
About/Subject Transylvania
First Published
Identifying Codes
SBN 8212-0485-8
ISBN 10 0-8212-0485-8
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 72-80419
Format Hardback
Page Count 223 pages
Font 12/15 Garamond with Palatino display
Language English
Chapters 1 Introducing the Dracula Fiction, History and Folklore

2 Bram Stoker and the Search for Dracula

3 The Historical Dracula: 1430/31-62
Tyrant from Transylvania
Prince of Wallachia
Crusader against the Turks

4 Castle Dracula

5 Dracula Horror Stories of the 15th Century

6 The Historical Dracula: 1462-76
King's Prisoner
Prince Restored
An Unusual Corpse
Island Grave

7 Vampirism
Old World Folklore
New World Bats
A Real Blood Countess

8 Bram Stoker and the Vampire in Fiction and Film

9 Beyond the Grave

Appendices: Translations of 15th-Century Horror Stories

Ancient Documents and Modern Studies about Dracula
Elizabeth Bathory
Major Vampire Stories in English
Modern Anthologies Containing Vampire Stories
Studies of the Vampire in Literature, History and Myth
Studies of the Vampire in Film

Dracula-Vampire Films 1896-1971
Silent Films 1896-1928
Talkies 1931-71
Notes Manufactured in the U.S.A.


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