Visions (Magazine)

Visions Nr. 259 (Oktober 2014)

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Publisher Visions Verlag GmbH
Editor of Publications Michael Lohrmann
Editor in Chief Dennis Plauk
Editor Dennis Drögemüller*
Editor Matthias Möde
Editor Florian Schneider
Editor Jan Schwarzkamp
Editor Florian Zandt
Photo/Picture Editor Lisa Meinen
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Thomas Stumpe
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Alexandra Steding
Illustrator Ingo Fischer
Illustrator Tobias Bruns
Marketing/Advertising Nils Klein
Marketing/Advertising Daniel Bunk
Marketing/Advertising Michael Lohrmann
Marketing/Advertising Sarah Rublack
Public Relations Janine Wolloscheck
Printed by Konradin Druck
Distributed by/Director of Distribution DPV Network
About/Subject Kraftklub
About/Subject Philm
About/Subject Nirvana
About/Subject King 810
About/Subject Sick Of It All
About/Subject Henry Rollins
Periodical Title Visions (Magazine)
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Barcode (EAN) 4 191258 106906
EAN 2 10
Price €6,90 [D]
Price €7,50 [A]
Price SFR 11,90 [CH]
Price €7,50 [L]
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany
Page Count 290 pages
Language German


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