10 Years A Grisli

(First Published)

Main Details
Editor in Chief Guillaume Belhomme
Contributing Writer Guillaume Tarche
Contributing Writer Philippe Robert
Contributing Writer Luc Bouquet
Contributing Writer Pierre Cécile
Contributing Writer Héctor Cabrero
Contributing Writer Fabrice Vanoverberg
Contributing Writer Alexandre Galand
Contributing Writer Pierre Lemarchand
Contributing Writer Eric Deshayes
Publisher le son du grisli
About/Subject Joe McPhee
About/Subject Daunik Lazro
About/Subject Radu Malfatti
About/Subject Jason Kahn
About/Subject Mats Gustafsson
About/Subject Derek Bailey
About/Subject Nate Wooley
About/Subject Steve Lacy
About/Subject John Cage
About/Subject Sonic Youth
About/Subject Fred Frith
About/Subject Ken Vandermark
About/Subject Alexander von Schlippenbach
About/Subject Oren Ambarchi
About/Subject Anla Courtis
About/Subject Fritz Hauser
About/Subject Otomo Yoshihide
About/Subject Garrison Fewell
About/Subject John Tilbury
First Published
Format e-Book
Publication Location Paris
Page Count 480 pages
Language French
Notes Anthology of 10 years of work at lesondugrisli.com


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