Julio Paz

La Condicion Humana (Studi, Bozzetti E Appunti)

(First Printing)

Main Details
Author Julio Paz
Artist Julio Paz
Publisher Editiemme
Series Imaginaria
Lithographed by Il Prisma, Milano
Printed by Cooperativa Editrice Nuova Stampa, Liscate
Paper Cartiera Fedrigoni
Bound by Fratelli Recalcati
Copyright Holder Editiemme srl
First Printing
Identifying Codes
Series Number 1
Format Hardback
Publication Location Milan, Italy
Page Count 63 + 4 pages
Languages Spanish, Italian
(H × W × D)
Notes Limited Edition of 520 copies signed by the Artist of which 450 were numbered 1 - 450, 21 numbered A - Z and 49 numbered I - XLIX.
Cloth Bound.
Each book includes an etching signed by the Artist ("Luna Park Uno" or "Luna Park dos" or "Luna Park Tres") pressed in 150+VII copies numbered 1 - 150 and I - VII.
The etchings, engraved on a zinc plate, were printed on hand press by Julio Paz in his studio in Milan.
Includes a 4 page biography of the Artist.


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