Silver Birch

Light from Silver Birch

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Silver Birch
Contributor Maurice Barbanell
Compiled by Pam Riva
Publisher The Spiritual Truth Press
Copyright Holder Spiritual Truth Foundation
Printed by Booksprint
About/Subject Spiritualism
About/Subject Spirituality
About/Subject Metaphysics
First Published
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 9780853841142
Format Paperback
Publication Location Great Britain
Page Count 213 pages
Language English
Chapters Light From Silver Birch
Silver Birch's Message To Humankind
Why were you born?
Your Path To Fulfillment
What Is Death?
What Will Happen When You Die?
Music Of The Spheres
The Divine Mission
Diamond Of The Soul
Guiding Lights
The Pilgrim's Way
Pilgrim's Progress
Healing - The Second Chance
The Healing Mission
Mediumship - The Path To Knowledge
The Enigma Of Religion
Violence - The Way Of Self-pity
Our Lesser Brethren?
The Last Supper
Who Is Silver Birch?
Maurice Barbanell's Own Story
Silver Birch's Last Words
Notes From Back Cover:
Silver Birch, beginning his mission to bring awareness of spiritual truths from Beyond to the troubled people of earth, had many problems.

His chosen medium was a young agnostic businessman. He would be required to give up his commercial career and devote his life to fulfilling the divine plan.

Silver Birch had no earthly contacts. His knowledge of English was slight.

Yet he found the means to control the young man's vocal apparatus.

A group of interested friends soon gathered, naming themselves the Hannen Swaffer Home Circle.

Swaff, the world's most famous journalist, knew the superb quality teachings must be published. They soon made the spirit-world teacher hosts of friends throughout the globe. Mourners were comforted; the downcast and desperate were shown the way of truth.

In this volume are gathered the final communications transmitted before the medium joined his beloved mentor in the Larger Life.

Their mission had lasted for 61 years.


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