Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

The Mary E. Wilkins Freeman Megapack


Main Details
Author Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Foreword by John Gregory Betancourt
Publisher Wildside Press
Copyright Holder Wildside Press LLC.
Publisher Series Megapack
Format e-Book
Publication Location US
Language English
Chapters Copyright Info
A Note from the Publisher
The Megapack Series
The Wind in the Rose-Bush
The Shadows on the Wall
Luella Miller
The Southwest Chamber
The Vacant Lot
The Lost Ghost
A Far-Away Melody
The Little Maid at the Door
A Symphony in Lavender
The Hall Bedroom
A Gentle Ghost
The Twelfth Guest
The Jade Bracelet
The Witch’s Daughter
The Prism
The Pot of Gold
The Cow with Golden Horns
Princess Rosetta and the Pop-Corn Man
The Christmas Monks
The Pumpkin Giant
The Christmas Masquerade
The Silver Hen
The Patchwork School
The Squire’s Sixpence
A Plain Case
The Stranger in the Village
The Bound Girl
Deacon Thomas Wales’s Will
The Adopted Daughter
Two Old Lovers
The Bar Light-House
The Story of Little Mary Whitlow
A Mistaken Charity
On the Walpole Road
A Humble Romance
A Modern Dragon
An Honest Soul
A Moral Exigency
A Taste of Honey
A Gatherer of Simples
Brakes and White Vi’lets
An Object of Love
A Souvenir
Old Lady Pingree
A Wayfaring Couple
In Butterfly Time
An Old Arithmetician
Robins and Hammers
A Conflict Ended
The “Horse House” Deed
An Unwilling Guest
Cinnamon Roses
A Wandering Samaritan
A Lover of Flowers
A Patient Waiter
A Conquest of Humility


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