Beat-Down Fase.2 Issue 3

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Beat-Down
Publisher Haji R. Akhigbade
Editorial Board Haji A.
Editorial Board James Hamlett
Editorial Board Arthur Banton
Editorial Board Sharyn Lehmann
Editorial Board Rafika Soaries
Editorial Board Bianca Morris
Correspondent Analogous Khulors
Correspondent Dawud Bowling
Correspondent Raquel Sanchez
Correspondent Cin D Quashie
Media Editor Antonia Martinez
Illustrator Matt Doo
Illustrator Ambriel
Illustrator DEEP1
Graphic Design Paul Geczik
Graphic Design Haji A.
Technical Advisor Calix Lewis Reneau
Coordination by/Coordinator Laurna Scafuto
Articles Editor Daryle M. Lockhart
Other Brother Morocco Bey
Contributing Photographer The Solid
Contributing Photographer John Cruz
Contributor Antonia Martinez
Contributor Upski
Contributor Brian Lassiter
Contributor Chairman Mao
Contributor Large Marge
Contributor Carl Vest
Contributor Ricaldo
Contributor EXILE (2)
Contributor ElsieSt.
Contributor Ledger
Contributor Karu F. Daniels
Contributor Sista Angola
Contributor Marlynn Snyder
Contributor Jeff James
Contributor Lauren Coleman
Contributor T.S. Haines
Contributor Kenyatta
Contributor GODZILLA
Copyright Holder Beat-Down Publications, Inc.
About/Subject Noise Pollution
Interview with/Interviewee Freddie Foxxx
Interview by/Interviewer T.S. Haines
Interview with/Interviewee Conscious Daughters
Interview by/Interviewer Arthur Banton
Interview with/Interviewee Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Interview by/Interviewer Karu F. Daniels
Contributing Photographer Denice Nikons Cheeves
Interview with/Interviewee Black Moon
Interview by/Interviewer Bianca Morris
About/Subject Bootleg Recording
About/Subject Vivian Smallwood
About/Subject Hip Hop
About/Subject Rap
About/Subject Reggae
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Barcode (UPC) 074470832133 03
Price USA $2.00
Price CAN $3.00
Price £1.28
Format Magazine
Publication Location P.O. Box 1266, New York, N.Y. 10274
Page Count 36 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
  • Folded
  • Open
Chapters letters
droppin' science
in the mix
Notes Beat-Down For The Mind, Heart & Soul
Jackin For Beats? 1994

Actual credit roles:
Editorial Board = Editorial Collective
(Haji A. appears as Hajii A.)
Correspondent = Regional Coorespondent [sic]
Media Editor = Entertainment Editor
Technical Advisor = Technical Audio
Coordination By = Fashion Coordinator
Articles Editor = Radio Editor
Other = Astrologer


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