Blitz No. 35

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Blitz
Publisher Carey Labovitch
Editor Simon Tesler
Assistant Editor Tim Hulse
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Shauna Lovell
Designed by Jeremy Leslie
Administrative Assistant Tabitha Coote
Section Editor Iain R. Webb
Editorial Assistant Hellen Campbell
Contributor Tony Barratt*
Contributor Mark Bayley
Contributor Mark Brennan
Contributor Peter Brown (5)
Contributor Gillian Campbell
Contributor Mark Collicott
Contributor Mark Cordery
Contributor Richard Croft
Contributor Simon Garfield
Contributor Marc Issue
Contributor Adrian Jones
Contributor Nick Knight
Contributor Judy Lipsey
Contributor Paul Mathur
Contributor Hugh Morley
Contributor Paul Morley
Contributor Morrissey
Contributor Peter Moss
Contributor Geoff Nairn
Contributor Mike Owen
Contributor Simon Potter
Contributor Stuart Redler
Contributor Tim Richmond
Contributor Johnny Rozsa
Contributor Anton Rush
Contributor William Shaw (2)
Contributor Jim Shelley
Contributor Julian Simmonds
Contributor John Stoddart
Contributor Johnny Waller
Cover Artist The Communards
Cover photo Stuart Redler
Copyright Holder JIgsaw Publications Ltd.
Printed by Peterboro Web Ltd.*
Lithographed by Chapman Brothers Ltd.
Typeset by Abcdefghijkltd
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Magnum Distribution Ltd
About/Subject Gaby Agis
About/Subject Camy Todorow
About/Subject Steve Guttenberg
Interview with/Interviewee James Ferman
About/Subject Malcolm Bennett
Interview with/Interviewee Nona Hendryx
Interview with/Interviewee Richard Coles
Interview with/Interviewee Jimmy Somerville
Interview with/Interviewee Tom Waits
Interview with/Interviewee Katsumasa Kurachi
Interview with/Interviewee Twiggy
Interview with/Interviewee Alexei Sayle
Interview with/Interviewee Annabella Lwin
About/Subject D.C. Lee
Interview with/Interviewee Brilliant
Interview with/Interviewee D.A.F.
About/Subject Latin Quarter
About/Subject Mike Scott
About/Subject Dave Howard
About/Subject Flesh
About/Subject Jimmy The Hoover
About/Subject The Wedding
Interview by/Interviewer Mark Cordery
Interview by/Interviewer Paul Mathur
Interview by/Interviewer Anton Rush
Interview by/Interviewer Hugh Morley
Interview by/Interviewer Simon Potter
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price 80p
Price EIRE £1.33
Price Germany 6DM
ISSN 0263-2543
Format Magazine
Publication Location 1 Lower James Street, London W1R 3PN
Page Count 96 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes Published ten times a year by Jigsaw Publications Ltd.
Printed in Great Britain.

Actual credit roles:
Designed By = Design
Administrative Assistant = General Assistant
Section Editor = Fashion Editor
Editorial Assistant = Fashion Assistant
Lithographed By = Litho photographic reproduction
Typeset By = Phototypesetting by


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