Blast! (3)

Blast! 2

Main Details
Periodical Title Blast! (3)
About/Subject New Order
Interview with/Interviewee Peter Hook
Poetry by Craig Charles (2)
About/Subject NWAA Fashion
About/Subject Dead Or Alive
Interview with/Interviewee Pete Burns
About/Subject Touch
Interview with/Interviewee Furyo
About/Subject Portion Control
Interview with/Interviewee John Whybrew
About/Subject Shadowplay
About/Subject Dancehall
About/Subject Moroccan Coco
About/Subject International Feminist Book Fair
Interview with/Interviewee 23 Skidoo
About/Subject Cassette Magazines
About/Subject TRA
About/Subject Trax
About/Subject Area Condizionata
About/Subject Tago Mago
About/Subject ZIPtoo
Interview with/Interviewee Colourbox
Editor Jacqueline Sullivan
Editor Neil Taylor
Designed by Jon Barraclough
Designed by Anita Plank
Design Assistant Ben Murphy (3)
Photography Lawrence Watson
Contributing Photographer Jill Furmanovsky
Contributing Photographer Harry Metcalf
Contributing Photographer Chris Clunn
Contributing Writer Mike Harding (2)
Contributing Writer Craig Charles (2)
Contributing Writer Jon Wozencroft
Contributing Writer Paddy Dread
Contributing Writer Karen Brown
Contributing Writer Sue Clarke (2)
Contributing Writer Lindsay Shapiro
Illustrator Ian Wright
Illustrator 23 Envelope
Illustrator David De Silva
Illustrator Steven Appleby
Cover photo Stuart Chernoff
Typeset by Caroline Reiney
Printed and Bound by Specialised Printed Services Ltd.
Identifying Codes
Price 60p
Format Magazine
Publication Location 143 Fort Road, Bermondsey, London SE1 5QA
Page Count 40 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes With apologies to Zeke Manyika.

No date printed on release, issued mid 80's.

Actual credit roles:
Edited By = Editor
Additional Photography = Contributing Photographer
Illustrated By = Illustrator
Cover Photograph = Cover Photo
Typed By = Typeset By


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