Archeo. Attualità del Passato

Archeo. Attualità Del Passato (N. 414)

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Publisher Timeline Publishing srl
Periodical Title Archeo. Attualità del Passato
Publishing Director Andreas M. Steiner
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Press Di srl
Printed by Arti Grafiche Boccia SpA
Editorial Board Stefano Mammini
Editorial Board Lorella Cecilia
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Davide Tesei
Contributing Writer Marco Podini
Contributing Writer Daniela Fuganti
Contributing Writer Fabio Porzia
Contributing Writer Stefano Mammini
Contributing Writer Daniele Manacorda
Contributing Writer Francesca Ceci
Contributing Writer Georg Plattner
Contributing Writer Francesca Ghedini
Contributing Writer Monika Verzár
Contributing Writer Giuseppe M. Della Fina
Cover Date
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Barcode (EAN) 9771120455001
Price € 5.90
EAN 5 90414
Series Number 414
Format Magazine
Publication Location Italy
Page Count 114 pages
Language Italian
Chapters More information about chapters in the images set.


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