Main Details
Author Robert Louis Stevenson
Publisher Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd
Printed by Thomas Nelson (Printers) Ltd*
Identifying Codes
Price 8/-
Format Hardback
Publication Location Great Britain
Page Count 283 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Chapters Map of David Balfour's Wanderings
1. I set off upon my Journey to the House of Shaws
2. I come to my Journey's End
3. I make Acquaintance of my Uncle
4. I run a Great Danger in the House of Shaws
5. I go to the Queen's Ferry
6. What befell at the Queen's Ferry
7. I go to Sea in the Brig "Covenant" of Dysart
8. The Round-House
9. The Man with the Belt of Gold
10. The Siege of the Round-House
11. The Captain knuckles under
12. I hear of the Red Fox
13. The Loss of the Brig
14. The Islet
15. The Lad with the Silver Button: Through the Isle of Mull
16. The Lad with the Silver Button: Across Morven
17. The Death of the Red Fox
18. I talk with Alan in the Wood of Lettermore
19. The House of Fear
20. The Flight in the Heather: The Rocks
21. The Flight in the Heather: The Heugh of Corrynakiegh
22. The Flight in the Heather: The Moor
23. Cluny's Cage
24. The Flight in the Heather: The Quarrel
25. In Balquhidder
26. End of the Flight: We pass the Forth
27. I come to Mr. Rankeillor
28. I go in Quest of my Inheritance
29. I come into my Kingdom
30. Good-bye!
Notes No publication date shown in this edition but assumed to be 1960s


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