Lon Rombough

The Grape Grower - A Guide to Organic Viticulture


Main Details
Author Lon Rombough
Publisher Chelsea Green Publishing*
Copyright Holder Lon Rombough
Photography Lon Rombough
Copyright Holder (Photos) Lou Rombough
Illustrator Elayne Sears
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Elayne Sears
Cover/Jacket Design by Ann Aspell
Interior Design Andrea Gray
Cover photo Serge McCabe
Cover photo Lon Rombough
Foreword by Roger B. Swain
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 1-890132-82-9
UPC 9781890132828 53500
Other SB389.R76 2002
Other 634.8'0973-dc21 2002023371
Price $35.00
Price £27.50
Format Paperback
Publication Location White River Junction, VT 05001
Page Count 304 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Chapters Forewood: Seed Matters ix.
Introduction xiii
1. Structure of the Vine
2. Getting Started: Site, Soil, and Planting
3. Pruning and Training
4. Growing Grapes Organically
5. Diseases of Grapes
6. Insects of Grapes
7. Animal and Bird Pests
8. Propagation
9. Rootstocks
10. Varieties
11. Grape Species
12. Grapes in Cold Climates and the Tropics
13. Breeding Grapes

Glossary of Viticultural Terms
Notes Black and white, color photos and illustrations.

Front cover background photograph by Serge McCabe; inset by Lon Rombough

This book is dedicated to
Dr. H. P. Olmo
Elmer Swenson
Byron Johnson
Robert Zehnder
D.C. Paschke
for what I learned from them,
both in information and dedication
to grapes, and especially to my wife
Susan for her love and support
through the effort of producing this book


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