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Kate Tempest

The Bricks That Built the Houses

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Kate Tempest
Designed by Greg Heinimann
Publisher Bloomsbury Paperbacks
Copyright Holder Kate Calvert
Permissions Domino Publishing Co Ltd.*
Typeset by Integra Software Services Pvt. Ltd.
Printed and Bound by CPI Group (UK) Ltd
First Published
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Price £8.99
ISBN 13 978-1-4088-5733-5
Barcode 9 781408 857335
EAN 5 90100
Printer's Key 4 6 8 10 9 7 5 3
Format Paperback
Publication Location London, UK; New York, USA
Page Count 399 pages
Language English
Chapters Leaving

Marshall Law (a year before)
The Truth
Lonely Daze
The Beigeness

Hot Night Cold Spaceship
Theme From Becky
The Heist
To The Victor The Spoils
A Hammer
Happy End

Returning (a year later)

Notes A companion piece to Kate Tempest's debut album Everybody Down.

"This book has been printed with two different cover designs. We are unable to accept requests for a specific cover. The different covers will be assigned to orders at random."

First published in Great Britain 2016
This paperback edition first published in 2017

'The Truth' lyrics appear on p. 176 by kind permission of Domino Publishing Co Ltd.

Printed and bound in Great Britain


nicholsonp posted 3 months ago:

Complete with 'Everybody Down' CD, unplayed. Book and CD are as new.

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