Lee Falk

Phantom: Der Fluch des doppelköpfigen Stieres

(First Printing in Country)

Main Details
Author Lee Falk
Translated by Ilse Zielke
Cover photo Bulls Pressedienst
Designed by Olof Feindt
Typeset by Mero-Druck Otto Melchert GmbH & Co. KG
Printed and Bound by J. Ebner, Ulm*
Copyright Holder (This Edition) Martin Kelter Verlag GmbH & Co.
Series The Phantom
Publisher Series Kelter Taschenbuch
Publisher Martin Kelter Verlag GmbH & Co.
First Printing in Country
Identifying Codes
Price DM 3,- - Schweiz Fr 3,90 - Österr. S 21,- - Ital. L 1150 - Frankreich F 5,50 - Spanien ptas 100 - Holland hfl 3,50 - Belg. bfr. 45
Format Paperback
Publication Location Hamburg, Germany
Page Count 143 pages
Language German
Notes Kelter Taschenbuch: Series number #45
Kelter Abenteuer: Series number #45

Deutscher Taschenbuch-Erstdruck


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