Philip Pullman

His Dark Materials


Main Details
Author Philip Pullman
Series His Dark Materials
Imprint Alfred A. Knopf
Imprint Borzoi Books
Copyright Holder (Cover/Jacket Art) Douglas Mullen
Copyright Holder Philip Pullman
Publisher Random House Children's Books
Identifying Codes
Price US $21.99
Price $27.99 CAN
Barcode 9780375847226
EAN 5 52199
ISBN 13 978-0-375-84722-6
Format Paperback
Publication Location United States
Page Count 933 pages
Language English
Chapters The Golden Compass

Part One: Oxford
One: The Decanter of Tokay
Two: The Idea of North
Three: Lyra's Jordan
Four: The Alethiometer
Five: The Cocktail Party
Six: The Throwing Nets
Seven: John Faa
Eight: Frustration
Nine: The Spies

Part Two: Bolvangar
Ten: The Consul and the Bear
Eleven: Armor
Twelve: The Lost Boy
Thirteen: Fencing
Fourteen: Bolvangar Lights
Fifteen: The Dæmon Cages
Sixteen: The Silver Guillotine
Seventeen: The Witches

Part Three: Svalbard
Eighteen: Fog and Ice
Nineteen: Captivity
Twenty: Mortal Combat
Twenty-one: Lord Asriel's Welcome
Twenty-two: Betrayal
Twenty-three: The Bridge to the Stars

Lantern Slides

The Subtle Knife

One: The Cat and the Hornbeam Trees
Two: Among the Witches
Three: A Children's World
Four: Trepanning
Five: Airmail Paper
Six: Lighted Fliers
Seven: The Rolls-Royce
Eight: The Tower of the Angels
Nine: Theft
Ten: The Shaman
Eleven: The Belvedere
Twelve: Screen Language
Thirteen: Æsahættr
Fourteen: Alamo Gulch
Fifteen: Bloodmoss

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The Amber Spyglass

One: The Enchanted Sleeper
Two: Balthamos and Baruch
Three: Scavengers
Four: Ama and the Bats
Five: The Adamant Tower
Six: Preemptive Absolution
Seven: Mary, Alone
Eight: Vodka
Nine: Upriver
Ten: Wheels
Eleven: The Dragonflies
Twelve: The Break
Thirteen: Tialys and Salmakia
Fourteen: Know What It Is
Fifteen: The Forge
Sixteen: The Intention Craft
Seventeen: Oil and Lacquer
Eighteen: The Suburbs of the Dead
Nineteen: Lyra and Her Death
Twenty: Climbing
Twenty-one: The Harpies
Twenty-two: The Whisperers
Twenty-three: No Way Out
Twenty-four: Mrs. Coulter in Geneva
Twenty-five: Saint-Jean-les-Eaux
Twenty-six: The Abyss
Twenty-seven: The Platform
Twenty-eight: Midnight
Twenty-nine: The Battle on the Plain
Thirty: The Clouded Mountain
Thirty-one: Authority's End
Thirty-two: Morning
Thirty-three: Marzipan
Thirty-four: There Is Now
Thirty-five: Over the Hills and Far Away
Thirty-six: The Broken Arrow
Thirty-seven: The Dunes
Thirty-eight: The Botanic Garden

Lantern Slides
Notes "Exclusive to this edition: illuminating new material from Philip Pullman after each book inside"

Cover printed in the USA
Printed in the United States of America

Printer's key: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


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