Ana del Sarto, Alicia Ríos, Abril Trigo

The Latin American Cultural Studies Reader

(First Published)

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Editor Ana del Sarto
Editor Alicia Ríos
Editor Abril Trigo
Contributing Writer Antonio Candido
Contributing Writer Darcy Ribeiro
Contributing Writer Roberto Fernandez Retamar
Contributing Writer Antonio Cornejo Polar
Contributing Writer Angel Rama
Contributing Writer Jean Franco
Contributing Writer Carlos Monsivais
Contributing Writer Roberto Schwarz
Contributing Writer Beatriz Sarlo
Contributing Writer Walter D. Mignolo
Contributing Writer Jose Joaquin Brunner
Contributing Writer Jesus Martin-Barbero
Contributing Writer Nestor Garcia Canclini
Contributing Writer Irene Silverblatt
Contributing Writer Beatriz Gonzalez Stephan
Contributing Writer Eduardo Archetti
Contributing Writer Adrian Corelik
Contributing Writer Graciela Silvestri
Contributing Writer Ana M. Lopez
Contributing Writer Francine Masiello
Contributing Writer Renato Ortiz
Contributing Writer Daniel Mato
Contributing Writer Gustavo A. Remedi
Contributing Writer Romn De La Campa
Contributing Writer John Rabasa
Contributing Writer Debra A. Castillo
Contributing Writer Maria Gudelia Rangel Gomez
Contributing Writer Armando Rosas Solis
Contributing Writer Juan Flores
Contributing Writer John Beverly
Contributing Writer Mabel Morana
Contributing Writer George Yudice
Contributing Writer Hugo Achugar
Contributing Writer Nelly Richard
Contributing Writer Alberto Moreiras
Contributing Writer Neil Larsen
Contributing Writer John Kraniauskas
First Published
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ISBN 13 9780822333401
Format Paperback
Page Count 832 pages
Language English
Chapters Acknowledgments ix

General Introduction / Abril Trigo 1

I. Forerunners Introduction / Alicia Rios

Traditions and Fractures in Latin American Cultural Studies 15

Literature and Underdevelopment / Antonio Candido 35

Excerpts from The Americas and Civilization: “Evolutionary Acceleration and Historical Incorporation, “The Genuine and the Spurious,” and “National Ethnic Typology” / Darcy Ribeiro 58

Caliban: Notes Toward a Discussion of Culture in Our Americas/Roberto Fernandez Retamar 83

Indigenismo and Heterogeneous Literatures: Their Double Sociocultural Statute / Antonio Cornejo Polar 100

Mestizaje, Transculturation, Heterogeneity / Antonio Cornejo Polar 116

Literature and Culture / Angel Rama 120

II. Foundations Introduction / Ana Del Sarto

The 1980s: Foundations of Latin American Cultural Studies 153

Plotting Women: Popular Narratives for Women in the United States and Latin America / Jean Franco 183

Would So Many Millions of People Not End Up Speaking English? The North American Culture and Mexico / Carlos Monsivais 203

Brazilian Culture: Nationalism by Elimination / Roberto Schwarz 233

Intellectuals: Scission or Mimesis? / Beatriz Sarlo 250

The Movable Center: Geographical Discourses and Territoriality During the Expansion of the Spanish Empire / Walter Mignolo 262

Notes on Modernity and Postmodernity in Latin American Culture / Jose Joaquin Brunner 291

A Nocturnal Map to Explore a New Field / Jesus Martin-Barbero 310

Cultural Studies from the 1980s-1990s: Anthropological and Sociological Perspectives in Latin America / Nestor Garcia Canclini 329

III. Practices Introduction / Abril Trigo

The 1990s: Practices and Polemics within Latin American Cultural Studies 347

Political Disenfranchisement / Irene Silverblatt 375

On Citizenship: The Grammatology of the Body-Politic / Beatriz Gonzalez Stephan 384

Male Hybrids in the World of Soccer / Eduardo Archetti 406

The Past as the Future: A Reactive Utopia in Buenos Aires / Adrian Corelik and Graciela Silvestri 427

Tears and Desire: Women and Melodrama in the “Old” Mexican Cinema / Ana M. Lopez 441

The Unbearable Lightness of History: Bestseller Scripts for Our Times / Francine Masiello 459

Legitimacy and Lifestyles / Renato Ortiz 474

The Transnational Making of Representations of Gender, Ethnicity, and Culture: Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations at the Smithsonian Institution’s Festival / Daniel Mato 498

The Production of Local Public Spheres: Community Radio Stations / Gustavo A. Remedi 513

Mimicry and the Uncanny in Caribbean Discourse / Romn De La Campa 535

Of Zapatismo: Reflections on the Folkloric and the Impossible in Subaltern Insurrection / John Rabasa 561

Tentative Exchanges: Tijuana Prostitutes and Their Clients / Debra A. Castillo, Maria Gudelia Rangel, Gomez and Armando Rosas Solis 584

The Latino Imaginary: Meanings of Community and Identity / Juan Flores 606

IV. Positions and Polemics

Writing in Reverse: On the Project of Latin American Subaltern Studies Group / John Beverly 623

The Boom of the Subaltern / Mabel Morana 643

Latin American Intellectuals in a Post-Hegemonic Era / George Yudice 655

Local/Global Latin Americanisms: “Theoretical Babbling” apropos Roberto Fernandez Retamar / Hugo Achugar 669

Intersecting Latin America with Latin Americanism: Academic Knowledge, Theoretical Practice, and Cultural Criticism / Nelly Richard 686

Irruption and Conservation: Some Conditions of Latin Americanist Critique / Alberto Moreiras 706

The Cultural Studies Movement and Latin America: An Overview / Neil Larsen 728

Hybridity in a Transnational Frame: Latin Americanist and Postcolonial Perspectives on Cultural Studies / John Kraniauskas 736

Mestizaje and Hybridity: The Risk of Metaphors--Notes / Antonio Cornejo Polar 760

Works Cited 765

Acknowledgments of Copyrights 805

Index 811


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