Goldmine Issue 394

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Goldmine
Publisher Greg Loescher
Editor Jeff Tamarkin
Managing Editor Bonni J. Miller
Series Editor Robert Pruter
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Jim Felhofer
Advertising Sharon Thern
Advertising Kelly Koplien
Copyright Holder Krause Publications, Inc.*
Cover Artist Randy Newman
Cover photo Gie Knaeps
Cover photo London Features*
About/Subject The Cramps
About/Subject Charles Manson
About/Subject Charlie Rich
About/Subject Dave Clark (2)
About/Subject Jimmy Keyes
About/Subject Percy Humphrey
About/Subject Canray Fontenot
About/Subject Les Elgart
About/Subject Eddie Hinton
About/Subject Laurindo Almeida
About/Subject Floyd McDaniel
Contributing Writer Jeff Tamarkin
Contributing Writer Robert Pruter
Contributing Writer Jeff Hannusch
Contributing Writer Stephen Thompson (4)
About/Subject Randy Newman
Contributing Writer Scott Montgomery
Contributing Writer Gary Norris
Contributing Writer Kevin Walsh
About/Subject Van Halen
About/Subject Jimmy Page
About/Subject Robert Plant
About/Subject Roky Erickson
About/Subject Robbie Krieger Organization
About/Subject Bob Dylan
About/Subject Boy George
About/Subject Michael Jackson
About/Subject Terence Trent D'Arby
About/Subject General Public
About/Subject Soul Asylum
About/Subject Elvis Costello
About/Subject Van Morrison
About/Subject Stevie Wonder
About/Subject Chris Mars
About/Subject Foo Fighters
About/Subject Fontella Bass
About/Subject Slash's Snakepit
About/Subject Traci Lords
About/Subject Doc Pomus
About/Subject Neil Young
About/Subject Graham Parker
About/Subject Scott Walker
About/Subject The Muffs
About/Subject Harmony Sweepstakes
About/Subject The Trenchcoats
About/Subject Vox One
About/Subject The Bobs
About/Subject The House Jacks
About/Subject Monster Magnet
About/Subject Music Revelation Ensemble
About/Subject Mike Watt
About/Subject Gail Wynters
About/Subject Dr. John
About/Subject Demon Knight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
About/Subject Hum (2)
Review by Michael Wright
Review by Michael Gallucci
Review by Fred Mills
Review by Carl Baugher
Review by Allen J. Wiener
Review by Carlo Wolff
Review by Tierney Smith
Review by Russell Hall (2)
Review by Gillian G. Gaar
Review by Stephen Thompson (4)
Review by Dave Thompson
Review by Dean Suzuki
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 394
Volume Number 21
Issue Number 18
Price $2.75 (U.S.)
Price $3.95 (Canada)
Barcode (UPC) 083222193224 35
Format Magazine
Publication Location 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990-0001
Page Count 192 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Chapters 16 / Randy Newman

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Notes The Collectors Record And Compact Disc Marketplace

Please Mr Postman page contains discography additions for The Cramps (re: issue 390).

Actual credit roles:
R&B Editor - Robert Pruter
Advertising Sales Manager - Jim Felhofer
Advertising Sales - Sharon Thern, Kelly Koplien


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