ROCKS Nr. 43 (06/2014)

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title ROCKS
Editorial Director Daniel Böhm
Publisher ROCKS Media Verlag e.K.
Printed by Neef & Stumme Premium Printing GmbH & Co. KG
Distributed by/Director of Distribution DPV Deutscher Pressevetrieb GmbH
About/Subject Van Halen
About/Subject Deep Purple
About/Subject Joe Perry
About/Subject Gov't Mule
About/Subject Great White
About/Subject Dire Straits
About/Subject Richie Sambora
About/Subject Pink Floyd
About/Subject Crobot
About/Subject Enchant
About/Subject Ben Granfelt
About/Subject Rebellious Spirit
About/Subject Nicke Borg
About/Subject Electric Mary
About/Subject Seven Impale
About/Subject Mob Rules
About/Subject The Milestones
About/Subject Umphrey's Mcgee
About/Subject Sons Of Morpheus
About/Subject Andy Jackson (2)
About/Subject Vega (4)
About/Subject Joanne Shaw Taylor
About/Subject Dennis DeYoung
About/Subject The Sixxis
About/Subject Sanctuary
About/Subject Evergrey
About/Subject Nitrogods
About/Subject John Illsley
About/Subject Allen/Lande
About/Subject Mike LePond
About/Subject The Skull
About/Subject Glenmore
About/Subject Agnes Strange
About/Subject Johnny Winter
About/Subject Thin Lizzy
About/Subject AC/DC
About/Subject Rated X
About/Subject John Mellencamp
About/Subject Alice Cooper
About/Subject Riot V
About/Subject Devin Townsend
About/Subject The Tea Party
About/Subject Devon Allman
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Barcode 4 197635 605901
EAN 2 06
ISSN 1867-9404
Price DE € 5,90
Price AT € 6,80
Price CH SFR 11,40
Price LU, B, NL € 7,00
Price IT, ES € 7,90
Price SE SKR 76,00 DK DKR 70,00
Volume Number Nr. 44 (01/2015) Jan./Feb.
Format Magazine
Page Count 130 pages
Language German
Notes incl. CD: Der Soundtrack Zum Heft Nr. 43 (06/2014)


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