Goldmine Issue 384

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Goldmine
Publisher Greg Loescher
Editor Jeff Tamarkin
Managing Editor Bonni J. Miller
Associate Editor Julie Stuempfig
Series Editor Robert Pruter
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Jim Felhofer
Advertising Sharon Thern
Advertising Kelly Koplien
Copyright Holder (Photos) Krause Publications, Inc.*
Cover Artist The Zombies
Cover Art by Chris Walter (2)
Cover photo Photofeatures
Cover Artist Mary Hopkin
About/Subject Joni Mitchell
About/Subject David Geffen
About/Subject Elvis Presley
About/Subject Vivian Stanshall
Contributing Writer Michael Heatley
About/Subject British Invasion
Contributing Writer William Ruhlmann
Contributing Writer Stephen Thompson (4)
About/Subject The Zombies
Interview with/Interviewee The Zombies
Contributing Writer Robin Platts
Interview with/Interviewee Mary Hopkin
Contributing Writer Bill DeYoung
About/Subject Nirvana (2)
Contributing Writer Dawn Eden
About/Subject Brian Auger
Contributing Writer Dave Thompson
Interview with/Interviewee Ray Manzarek
Contributing Writer Harvey R. Kubernik*
About/Subject Tim Buckley
About/Subject Muddy Waters
About/Subject Howlin' Wolf
About/Subject Johnny Winter
About/Subject Beaver & Krause
About/Subject The Sapphires
About/Subject Calla Records
About/Subject Donna Fargo
About/Subject The Temprees
About/Subject The Mar-Keys
About/Subject The Bar-Kays
About/Subject Rufus Thomas
About/Subject The New England Teen Scene
About/Subject IGL Records
About/Subject The Who
About/Subject Roy Milton
About/Subject Blues
About/Subject Specialty
Review by Fred Mills
Review by Bill Dahl
Review by Doug Sheppard (2)
Review by Michael Gallucci
Review by Jim Bagley
Review by Carl Cafarelli
Review by William Ruhlmann
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 384
Volume Number 21
Issue Number 8
Price $2.75 (U.S.)
Price $3.95 (Canada)
Barcode (UPC) 083222193224 15
Format Magazine
Publication Location 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990-0001
Page Count 192 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Chapters 16 / The Zombies
38 / Mary Hopkin
48 / Nirvana (2)
56 / Brian Auger
62 / Ray Manzarek

Retailer Directory
Advertiser's Index
Notes The Collectors Record And Compact Disc Marketplace

Please Mr. Postman page includes discography additions for Elvis Presley (issue 379).

Due to a production error, the review of the Who boxed set in the last issue was missing a few paragraphs of copy. The entire review is found in this issue. (page 78)

Actual credit roles:
R&B Editor - Robert Pruter
Advertising Sales Manager - Jim Felhofer
Advertising Sales - Sharon Thern, Kelly Koplien


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