Metal Hammer (2)

Metal Hammer Dezember 2010

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Metal Hammer (2)
Publisher Axel Springer Mediahouse München GmbH
Printed by Konradin/Heckel GmbH
Distributed by/Director of Distribution ASV Vertriebs GmbH
Editor in Chief Thorsten Zahn
About/Subject Motörhead
About/Subject Rammstein
About/Subject Eisregen
About/Subject Black Label Society
About/Subject The Sword
About/Subject Lake of Tears
About/Subject Dommin
About/Subject Lamb of God
About/Subject Hellyeah
About/Subject Scott Ian
About/Subject Der W
About/Subject Tankard
About/Subject Schandmaul
About/Subject Dornenreich
About/Subject Dream Theater
About/Subject Suicidal Angels
About/Subject Sodom
About/Subject Metal im Pott
About/Subject Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Star One
About/Subject Steve Lee (2)
About/Subject Gotthard
About/Subject Coma
About/Subject Ill Niño
About/Subject Bring Me The Horizon
About/Subject The Ocean
About/Subject Cannibal Corpse
About/Subject Unleashed
About/Subject Helstar
About/Subject Enochian Theory
About/Subject Virgin Steele
About/Subject Unsun
About/Subject Engel
About/Subject Pure Inc.
About/Subject Queensrÿche - 20 Jahre Empire*
About/Subject Electric Wizard
About/Subject The Wretched End
About/Subject The Burning (2)
About/Subject The Devil Wears Prada (band)
About/Subject Dååth
About/Subject Agalloch
About/Subject Aborym
About/Subject Haradwalth
About/Subject Atheist
About/Subject God Dethroned
About/Subject Evocation
About/Subject Within The Ruins
About/Subject Årabrot
About/Subject Facebreaker
About/Subject Milking The Goatmachine
About/Subject Cough
About/Subject Sodom - In War And Pieces*
About/Subject Dimmu Borgir
About/Subject Korn
About/Subject Way Of The Darkness
About/Subject Sweden Rock Cruise
About/Subject Hammer Of Doom Festival
About/Subject The Vision Bleak
About/Subject Annihilator
About/Subject Watain
About/Subject Sabaton
About/Subject Stone Sour
About/Subject Apocalyptica
About/Subject Epica
About/Subject Anathema
About/Subject Jon Oliva's Pain
About/Subject Porcupine Tree
About/Subject Johan Langquist
About/Subject Delphago
Cover Date
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Barcode 4 190911 506909
EAN 2 12
Price D: 6,90 €
Price CH: 12,50 sfr
Price A,B,L: 7,30 €
Price I: 8,70 €
Price GR: 8,90 €
Price SLO: 7,80 €
Price HR: 72,00 Kn
Price CZ: 253,00 CZK
ISSN 1614-2292
Other B 09115
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany
Page Count 148 pages
Language German
Notes with Poster: Motörhead | Kylesa | Kreator | Frei.Wild
incl. CD: Maximum Metal Vol. 158 & Sodom ‎– The Art Of Killing Poetry


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