Dennis O. Howard

The Creative Echo Chamber: Contemporary Music Production in Kingston Jamaica


Main Details
Author Dennis O. Howard
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 9766378940
ISBN 13 978-9766378943
Format Paperback
Publication Location Jamaica
Page Count 248 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes The pulsating and seductive rhythms that make up Jamaican popular music extend far beyond reggae; and recently, a greater appreciation has emerged for the island's rich musical heritage and international impact. From ska, rocksteady and reggae to dancehall and dub, Jamaican popular music has made significant contributions to international pop culture. In The Creative Echo Chamber, Dennis Howard explores the unique nature of popular music production in Jamaica, which, though successful, runs counter to the models of the music industry in the developed world. The influence of the sound system in particular, the dynamics of intellectual property rights and value chain logic which are peculiar to the Jamaican music industry are part and parcel of the structures, production modes and business models which have led to hybridity, and unparalleled innovation. Using his background as an academic as well as a 30-year veteran in the media and entertainment industries, Howard, a Grammy-nominated producer brings fresh insight and perspective to the distinctive nature of Jamaican popular music.


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