Sounds (July 22, 1989)

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Sounds
Editor Tony Stewart
Deputy Editor Bill Mann (2)
Series Editor Hugh Fielder
Reviews Editor Ann Scanlon
Production Editor Sue Smith (2)
Editorial Journalist Robin Gibson
Editorial Journalist Shaun Phillips
Technical Advisor Tony Mitchell (2)
Production Assistant Evelyn Court
Production Assistant Ian Cranna
Designed by Rob Marron
Contributor Grahame Bent
Contributor Sue Buckley
Contributor Keith Cameron
Contributor David Cavanagh
Contributor Julian Colbeck
Contributor Richard Cook
Contributor Gary Cooper
Contributor Simon Cooper
Contributor Paul Elliott
Contributor Adrian Goldberg
Contributor Mary Ann Hobbs
Contributor Peter Kane
Contributor Sam King
Contributor Barry Lazell
Contributor Robbi Millar
Contributor Clare O'Brien
Contributor Neil Perry
Contributor John Robb
Contributor Ron Rom
Contributor Andy Ross (2)
Contributor Mat Snow
Contributor Mr Spencer*
Contributor Ralph Traitor
Contributor Cathi Unsworth
Contributor Jerry Uwins
Contributor Roy Wilkinson
Contributor Damon Wise
Photography Peter Anderson (3)
Photography Douglas Cape
Photography Steve Double
Photography Greg Freeman
Photography Lisa Haun
Photography Liane Hentscher
Photography Mary Scanlon
Photography Ed Sirrs
Photography Ian T Tilton*
Photography Russell Young
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Jon Newey
Advertising Paul Anderson
Advertising Margaret Curle
Production Director/Manager Kathy Ball
Sales Manager Adrina Mackee
Publishing Director Eric Fuller
Managing Director Mike Sharman
Typeset by Tabloid Fotoset*
Printed by Peterboro Web Ltd*
Copyright Holder Spotlight Publications
Cover Artist Robert Smith
Cover photo Ian T Tilton*
About/Subject Die Warsau
About/Subject Die Krupps
About/Subject The Cure
About/Subject The Fuzztones
About/Subject Yello
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Barcode (UPC) 9770144577003 29
Price 60p
Format Magazine
Publication Location Greater London House, Hampstead Rd, London NW1 7QZ
Page Count 48 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Chapters 2-9 / First Reports
Brix, The Fall
Lloyd Cole
10,000 Maniacs
Under Neath What
Rolling Stones
Nick Cave

10-11 Brain Games
The The

12-13 Die Krupps / Die Warsau
14-15 The Cure
20 Fuzztones
22-23 Yello
17-19 Listings ... new albums and singles
26-29 Nightshift ... gig guide
32-35 Lives
The Cure, We Are Going To Eat You, Pet Shop Boys, Killdozer, Slammer, World Domination Enterprises, Boogie Down Productions
36 Scanners
Films: Eight Men Out, Amsterdamned, Mac And Me
37 Singles
38-41 Albums
The Pogues, Wolfsbane, Wire, Beastie Boys, Two Tone Story, The B-52's, Head, Danny Wilson
42-43 Charts
47 In-Tech
Notes SOUNDS is a United Newspapers publication.

Actual credit roles as they appear in this issue:
News Editor: Hugh Fielder
Editorial: Robin Gibson, Shaun Phillips
Technical Consultant: Tony Mitchell
Senior Advertisement Representative: Paul Anderson
Ad Production Manager: Kathy Ball
Telephone Sales Supervisor: Andrina Mackee


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