Steven Ascher, Edward Pincus

The Filmmaker's Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age

(First Printing)

Main Details
Author Steven Ascher
Author Edward Pincus
Illustrator Carol Keller
Illustrator Robert Brun
Photography Ted Spagna
Photography Stephen McCarthy
Revised by Steven Ascher
Updated by Steven Ascher
Contributor David Leitner
Publisher Penguin Group
First Published by Plume
Copyright Holder Edward Pincus
Copyright Holder Steven Ascher
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Steven Ascher
Copyright Holder (Photos) Steven Ascher
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Carol Keller
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Robert Brun
Copyright Holder (Photos) Ted Spagna
First Printing
First Printing
First Printing
First Printing
Identifying Codes
Edition No. 4
ISBN 13 978-0-452-29728-9
EAN 5 53000
Barcode (EAN) 9 780452 297289
Price USD $30.00 / CAD $34.95
Printer's Key 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11
Format Paperback
Publication Location United States Of America, New York, New York
Page Count 818 pages
Language English
Chapters Preface

1. Introduction to Digital and Film Systems
2. Before You Begin Production
3. The Video Camcorder
4. The Lens
5. The Video Image
6. The Film Camera
7. The Film Image
8. Color and Filters
9. Shooting the Movie
10. Sound Recording Systems
11. Sound Recording Techniques
12. Lighting
13. Picture and Dialogue Editing
14. Editing Digital Video
15. Sound Editing and Mixing
16. Working with Film in Postproduction
17. Producing and Distributing the movie

Notes First Printing, June 1984
First printing (second edition), March 1999
First printing (third edition), August 2007
First printing (fourth edition), December 2012

Copyright © Edward Pincus and Steven Ascher, 1984, 1999
Copyright © Steven Ascher, 2007, 2012
Drawing and photographs copyright © Steven Ascher, 1999, 2007, 2012
Drawings copyright © Carol Keller, 1999
Drawings copyright © Robert Brun, 1999
Photographs copyright © Ted Spagna, 1983

Printed in the United States of America


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