Guido T. Poppe, Yoshihiro Goto*

European Seashells. Vol. II (Scaphopoda, Bivalvia, Cephalopoda)

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Guido T. Poppe
Author Yoshihiro Goto*
Typeset by Erich Heinbücher
Publisher ConchBooks
Copyright Holder ConchBooks
Copyright Holder (Original Edition) Christa Hemmen Verlag*
Color Grading By OCR GmbH
Printed by Nordica International Ltd.
About/Subject Molluscs
About/Subject Marine Life
About/Subject Seashells
About/Subject Europe
This Edition Published
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 3-925919-10-4 (volume 2)
ISBN 3-925919-11-2 (complete)
Format Hardback
Publication Location Wiesbaden, Federal Republic of Germany
Page Count 221 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes © 1993 Christa Hemmen Verlag.
© 2000 ConchBooks, formerly Christa Hemmen Verlag.
First published 1993.
Second printing 2000.


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