Roderic Owen

Great Explorers


Main Details
Author Roderic Owen
Copyright Holder Roderic Owen
Publisher St Michael
Publisher Artus
First Published by Artus Publishing Company Ltd
Colored/Colorized by Newsele Litho Ltd.
Typeset by Keyspools Ltd
Printed by L.E.G.O. *
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Marks and Spencer Ltd
About/Subject Asia
About/Subject Middle East
About/Subject North America
About/Subject South America
About/Subject Africa
About/Subject North Pole
About/Subject South Pole
About/Subject Alexander The Great
About/Subject Xuanzang
About/Subject Marco Polo
About/Subject Ibn Battuta
About/Subject Henri Mouhot
About/Subject Sven Hedin
About/Subject Leif Erikson
About/Subject Christopher Columbus
About/Subject Hernan Cortes*
About/Subject Pizarro*
About/Subject Francis Drake*
About/Subject Walter Raleigh
About/Subject Meriwether Lewis
About/Subject William Clark
About/Subject Lewis and Clark Expedition
About/Subject Vasco Da Gama
About/Subject Ferdinand Magellan
About/Subject James Cook*
About/Subject Matthew Flinders
About/Subject Edward John Eyre
About/Subject James Bruce
About/Subject Mungo Park
About/Subject Richard Burton*
About/Subject Samuel Baker
About/Subject Florence Baker
About/Subject David Livingstone
About/Subject Morton Stanley*
About/Subject Heinrich Barth
About/Subject Gustav Nachtigal
About/Subject John Franklin
About/Subject John Ross (Explorer)
About/Subject James Clark Ross
About/Subject Fridtjof Nansen
About/Subject Robert E. Peary
About/Subject Frederick Cook
About/Subject Roald Amundsen
About/Subject Falcon Scott*
First Published
Identifying Codes
Other 1425/2300
Format Hardback
Publication Location UK
Page Count 185 pages
Language English


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