Melody Maker

Melody Maker Vol 71 Issue 11 (March 19, 1994)

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Melody Maker
Publisher Alan Lewis
First Published by IPC Magazines
Distributed by/Director of Distribution IPC Marketforce
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Gordon And Gotch Ltd.*
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Central News Agency*
Printed by Berkshire Press Ltd
Origination by Clerkenwell Graphics Ltd*
Origination by Systems Repro
Editor Allan Jones
Assistant Editor Everett True
Features Editor Paul Lester
Reviews Editor Jim Arundel
Art Director/Editor Brett Lewis
Production Editor Ruth Dodson
Media Editor Carol Clerk
Deputy Editor Mat Smith
Deputy Art Director Norman McLeod
Other David Stubbs
Art Director/Editor Robin Allan
Art Director/Editor Nigel O'Brien
Art Director/Editor Tony Judge
Section Editor Zane
Quality Control Tony Horkins
Contributor The Stud Brothers
Contributor Chris Roberts
Contributor Push (2)
Contributor Caren Myers
Contributor David Bennun
Contributor Ben Turner
Contributor Andrew Smith (4)
Contributor Dave Jennings
Contributor Sally Margaret Joy
Contributor Cathi Unsworth
Contributor Paul Mathur
Contributor Sharon O'Connell
Contributor Simon Reynolds
Contributor Jonathan Selzer
Contributor Dave Simpson
Contributor Simon Price (2)
Contributor Michael Bonner
Contributor Ian Watson (2)
Contributor Peter Paphides
Contributor Jennifer Nine
Contributor Jon Wiederhorn
Contributor Ngaire-Ruth
Contributor Caitlin Moran
Contributor Eugene Masterson
Contributor John Robb
Contributor Taylor Parkes
Contributor Virginia Black
Contributor Sarra Manning
Contributor Lisa Hoftuzer
Contributor Calvin Bush
Contributor Sarah Kestle
Contributor Holly Barringer
Supervising Photographer Tom Sheehan
Photography Andrew Catlin
Photography Kevin Westenberg
Photography Steve Gullick
Photography Phil Nicholls
Photography Stephen Sweet
Photography Piers Allardyce
Photography Matt Bright
Office Manager David Fricke
Editor in Chief Alan Lewis
Editorial Assistant Maggot Simpson
Editorial Assistant Maria Jefferis
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Nick Taylor (2)
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Nick Watt
Advertising Nicola Stoakley
Advertising Karen Swan
Sales and Event Executive Bruce Sandel
Sales and Event Executive Hugh Burrows
Sales and Event Executive Liann Armstrong
Sales and Event Executive Nikki Causer
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Briony Quinn
Classified Sales Executive Simon Kendall
Classified Sales Executive Tim Davis (3)
Classified Sales Executive Angus Robertson
Classified Sales Executive Vikki Greenfield
Classified Sales Executive Imran Khan
Production Mick Sluman
Cover Artist Soundgarden
Cover photo Kevin Westenberg
About/Subject Axl Rose
About/Subject Nirvana
About/Subject Magnapop
About/Subject The Quirky Club
About/Subject Isle of Wight Festival
About/Subject Madder Rose
About/Subject James
About/Subject Kerbdog
About/Subject Fabric
About/Subject Catatonia
About/Subject Elevate
About/Subject Damo Suzuki
About/Subject Pulp
About/Subject Honky
About/Subject The Divine Comedy
About/Subject Shed 7*
About/Subject Scrawl
About/Subject Paul Weller
About/Subject Throneberry
About/Subject The Raincoats
About/Subject Mambo Taxi
About/Subject Skinned Teen
About/Subject Tori Amos
About/Subject Lollyshop
About/Subject Bandit Queen
About/Subject Blink (2)
About/Subject Moodswings
About/Subject Back To Basics
About/Subject DiY
About/Subject Mixmaster Morris
About/Subject A.C. Acoustics
About/Subject Linus
About/Subject Shellac
About/Subject Transcendental Love Machine
About/Subject Robert Altman
About/Subject Road Movies
About/Subject Soundgarden
About/Subject David Lee Roth
About/Subject Laurent Garnier
About/Subject Terry Farley
About/Subject Felix Da Housecat
About/Subject Tim Lennox
About/Subject Out On Vinyl Records
About/Subject TWA
About/Subject Sub Pop
About/Subject Combustible Edison
About/Subject Spinanes
About/Subject Sunny Day Real Estate
About/Subject Red Red Meat
About/Subject Jale
About/Subject The Afghan Whigs
About/Subject Banco De Gaia
About/Subject Flux Of Pink Indians
About/Subject Led Zeppelin
About/Subject Fnac
About/Subject Martin Carr
Interview with/Interviewee Tony Visconti
Interview with/Interviewee Ed Buller
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 71
Issue Number 11
Price 75p
Price Germany DM 5.30
Price SPAIN PTS 350
Price US $3.75
EAN 2 11
Barcode (EAN) 9 770025 901040
Format Bedsheet Magazine
Publication Location 26th Floor, King's Reach Tower, Stamford Street, London SE1 9LS
Page Count 60 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes FREE Poster Inside! (folded)
Manic Street Preachers & Snoop Doggy Dogg

Actual credit roles:
Colour Origination by Systems Repro
News Editor - Carol Clerk
Deputy News Editor - Mat Smith
Deputy Art Editor - Norman McLeod
Last Of The Mohicans - David Stubbs
Art Department - Robin Allan, Nigel O'Brien, Tony Judge
Listings Editor - Zane
Control Zone - Tony Horkins
Chief Photographer - Tom Sheehan
New York - David Fricke
PAs To The Editor - Maggot Simpson, Maria Jefferis
Group Ad Manager - Nick Taylor
Ad Manager - Nick Watts
Assistant Ad Managers - Nicola Stoakley, Karen Swan
Senior Sales Executive - Bruce Sandel
Sales Executive - Hugh Burrows, Liann Armstrong
Sales And Sponsorship Executive - Nikki Causer
Advertising Administrator - Briony Quinn
Classified Ad Manager - Simon Kendall
Live Ads - Tim Davis (3)
Classified Sales - Angus Robertson, Vikki Greenfield, Imran Khan
Classified Production - Mick Sluman


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