Conor McNicholas

NME Originals: The Rolling Stones - 1960s

Main Details
Publisher Series NME Originals
About/Subject The Rolling Stones
Editor in Chief Steve Sutherland
Art Director/Editor Phil Savill*
Photo/Picture Editor Cate Jago
Chief Sub-Editor Tom Mugridge
Editorial Assistant Farah Ishaq
Editorial Assistant Susanna Grant
Editorial Assistant Angela Green
Editor Conor McNicholas
Online/Web Editor/Coordinator Anthony Thornton
Series Secretary Karen Walter
Marketing Manager Claire Mason
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Karl Marsden
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Graeme Walker
Advertising Alec Short
Advertising Steve Mitchell
Promotion Rachel McFadyen
Business Affairs Denzil Thomas
Promotion Director Siriliya Nawalkar
Marketing Manager Nick New
Publishing Director Neil Robinson (2)
Managing Director Tim Brooks (3)
Copyright Holder IPC Ignite!
Foreword by Keith Richards
Contributing Writer Chris Roberts
Contributing Writer Chris Williams (3)
Contributing Writer Brian Jones (2)
Contributing Writer Bill Wyman
Contributing Writer Keith Richards
Contributing Writer Chris Jagger
Interview with/Interviewee Andrew Loog Oldham
Interview with/Interviewee Mick Jagger
Writer Derek Johnson
Writer Andy Gray
Writer Alan Smith
Writer Ray Coleman
Writer Richard Green (3)
Writer Jack Hutton
Writer Keith Altham
Writer Chris Hutchins
Writer Sue Mautner
Writer Ray Nortrop
Writer Allen Evans
Writer Norrie Drummond
Writer Alan Walsh
Writer Les Perrin
Writer Mike Hennessey
Writer Chris Welch (2)
Writer BP Fallon
Writer Nick Logan
Writer Ritchie Yorke
Correspondent Ann Moses
Cover photo Gered Mankowitz
Photography Napier Russell
Photography Dezo Hoffmann
Photography Harry Goodwin
Photography David Redfern
Photography John Kelly (3)
Photography Michael Cooper (2)
Photography Peter Shillingford
Photography Andrew Maclear
Photography Robert Altman (2)
Photography Barry Wentzell*
Photography Mike Randolph
Photography Glenna Baker*
Photography Alan Messer
Photography Barry Plummer
Photography Michael Ochs Archives
Photography Joe Sia
Photography Robert Ells*
Copyright Holder (Photos) Bowstir Ltd
Photography Archive Redferns
Photography Archive All Action
Photography Archive Rex Features
Photography Archive Mirror Syndication
Photography Archive London Features International
Photography Archive Sunshine
Photography Archive Retna
Photography Archive Popperfoto
Photography Archive Hulton Getty
Photography Archive Corbis
Photography Archive Star File
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 1
Issue Number 9
Price £4.99
Price U.S. $9.95
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 146 pages
Language English


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