Shirley Brinkerhoff

North American Folklore: Contemporary Folklore


Main Details
Chief Series Consultant Alan Jabbour
Author Shirley Brinkerhoff
Publisher Mason Crest Publishers
About/Subject North American Folklore (series)
About/Subject Folklore
About/Subject United States Folklore
About/Subject Contemporary Folklore
About/Subject Urban Legend
About/Subject North American Folklore (subject)
Identifying Codes
Impression/Printing No. 1
Printer's Key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
ISBN 10 1-59084-331-2
Format Hardback
Publication Location Broomall, Pennsylvania
Page Count 101 pages
Language English
Chapters Introduction

1. Folklore Today: Urban Legends
2. Words to the Wise: Warnings and Advice
3. Professionally Speaking: Legends from the World of Work
4. The Battle of the Sexes: Love, Sex, and Divorce
5. On the Road Again: Tales of Travelers
6. "Cyberlore" and Other Electronic Horrors: Folklore in an Age of New Inventions
7. Strange Beasts and Pesky Creatures: Animals in Contemporary Folklore
8. Out of this World: Aliens and the Supernatural
9. Life's Most Embarrassing Moments: Contemporary Tales of Humiliation
10. Finding Meaning and Excitement: The Purpose of Legends

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Notes Printed and bound in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


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