Select (April 1993)

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Main Details
Periodical Title Select
About/Subject Britpop
Interview with/Interviewee Suede
About/Subject Saint Etienne
About/Subject Pulp
About/Subject Denim
About/Subject Rap
About/Subject Pop Will Eat Itself
About/Subject The Smiths
Interview with/Interviewee Andy Rourke
Interview with/Interviewee Mike Joyce (3)
Interview with/Interviewee Apache Indian
Interview with/Interviewee Therapy?
Interview with/Interviewee Wendy James
About/Subject The Auteurs
Interview with/Interviewee Luke Haines
Interview with/Interviewee Frank Black
Interview with/Interviewee Ian McNabb
Editor Andrew Harrison
Art Director/Editor Stephen Read
Features Editor Andrew Collins
Contributing Editor David Cavanagh
Contributing Editor Steve Lamacq
Contributing Editor Miranda Sawyer
Production Editor Sue Smith (2)
Editorial Assistant Hannah Ford
Photo/Picture Researcher Susie Hudson
Designed by Matthew Smith (3)
Production Johnny Aldred
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Sarah Jacombs
Classified Sales Executive Damian McKeown
Advertising Mary McGovern
Managing Editor Mark Ellen
Art Director/Editor Jonathan Sellers*
Publisher Sue Hawken
Production Director/Manager Amanda Pearce
Marketing Assistant Chantal Kershaw
Editorial Director David Hepworth
Managing Director Tom Moloney
Origination by David Bruce Graphics Ltd.
Printed by Severn Valley Press Ltd.
Publisher EMAP metro*
Cover photo Neil Cooper
Contributing Writer Adam Higginbotham
Contributing Writer Graham Linehan
Contributing Writer Andrew Perry
Contributing Writer Martin Pearson (2)
Contributing Writer Rupert Howe
Contributing Writer Stuart Maconie
Review by Ted Kessler
Review by Jeremy Clarke
Review by Clark Collis
Review by Mark Morris (2)
Review by Jonathan Wright (3)
Review by Martin Longley
Review by Dave Morrison
Review by Nick Duerden
Photo Credit Ian Tilton
Contributing Photographer Neil Cooper
Photo Credit Antony Medley
Photo Credit Guzman
Contributing Photographer Rosa Weekes
Photo Credit Stephen Wright (2)
Photo Credit Lawrence Watson
Contributing Photographer David Tonge
Contributing Photographer Matt Anker
Photo Credit Mark Seliger
Photo Credit Loren Haynes
Photo Credit Anton Corbijn
Photo Credit Richard Belia*
Photo Credit Zanna
Photo Credit Vincent MacDonald
Photo Credit AJ Barratt*
Photo Credit Andrew Catlin
Illustrator Michael Gillette
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price £1.75
Price $4.95
Price 5300 Lira
Price 62.00 ASCH
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 102 pages
Language English
Notes With six massive (3ft x 2ft) flyposters


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