Select (September 1992)

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Main Details
Periodical Title Select
Editor Andrew Harrison
Art Director/Editor Jonathan Sellers*
Contributing Editor David Cavanagh
Production Editor Sue Smith (2)
Editorial Assistant Hannah Ford
Reviews Editor William Shaw (2)
Editorial Assistant Graham Linehan
Editorial Assistant Adam Higginbotham
Photo/Picture Researcher Susie Hudson
Designed by Tomaso Capuano
Production Colin Paine
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Monika Scott
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Sarah Jacombs
Advertising Mary McGovern
Managing Editor Mark Ellen
Publisher Sue Hawken
Production Director/Manager Amanda Pearce
Editorial Director David Hepworth
Managing Director Tom Moloney
Origination by David Bruce Graphics Ltd.
Printed by Severn Valley Press Ltd.
Publisher EMAP metro*
Contributing Writer David Cavanagh
Contributing Writer Adam Higginbotham
Contributing Writer Andrew Perry
Contributing Writer Rupert Howe
Contributing Writer Martin Pearson (2)
Contributing Writer Miranda Sawyer
Contributing Writer Johnny Rogan
Review by Graham Linehan
Review by Dean Wengrow
Review by Chris Heath
Review by Lucy O'Brien
Review by Marilla Blellock
Review by Dave Morrison
Review by Nick Duerden
Review by Jeremy Clarke
Review by Martin Longley
Review by Danny Scott (2)
Review by John Robb
Review by Ted Kessler
Review by Sue Smith (2)
Review by Angie Errigo
Review by Michele Kirsch
Review by Andrew Collis
Review by Jonathan Wright (3)
Cover photo Steve Pyke
Contributing Photographer Ian T Tilton*
Contributing Photographer Neil Cooper
Contributing Photographer Alastair Indge
Contributing Photographer Andrew Catlin
Contributing Photographer Donna Ranieri
Contributing Photographer Richard Newton (2)
Contributing Photographer Katerina Jebb
Contributing Photographer Steve Pyke
Contributing Photographer Frank Ockenfels
Contributing Photographer Donna Francesca
Contributing Photographer Steve Double
Contributing Photographer Lou Salvatori
Contributing Photographer Chris Buck
Contributing Photographer David Tonge
About/Subject William Leith
About/Subject Cud
About/Subject The House Of Love
Interview with/Interviewee Guy Chadwick
Interview with/Interviewee FiniTribe
About/Subject Pirate Radio
About/Subject Holy Joy*
Interview with/Interviewee Happy Mondays
Contributing Artist Julian Cope
About/Subject The Teardrop Explodes
About/Subject Morrissey
About/Subject Your Arsenal (album)
Interview with/Interviewee Sonic Youth
Interview with/Interviewee Nirvana
Interview with/Interviewee Courtney Love
Interview with/Interviewee Television
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price £1.60
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 102 pages
Language English


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