Mape Ollila*

Once Upon a Nightwish: The Early Years

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Mape Ollila*
Translated by Olga Pohjola
Publisher Deggael Communications
First Published by Bazillion Points
Printed by Third Deggael Communications
Editor Johnny Vril
Production Abdul Ganabullah
Proofreader Scott Broderick
Proofreader George Lewis (2)
Graphic Design Tex Hänninen
Cover photo Toni Härkönen
Copyright Holder Mape Ollila*
Copyright Holder (Translation) Deggael Communications
This Edition Published
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-952-99749-2-4
Format Soft cover
Page Count 329 pages
Language English
Original Language Finnish
Chapters Acknowledgments
1. "I Was Yet Not Unblessed"
2. Assembling the Puzzle
3. On to the Elvenpath
4. Pomp and Circumstance
5. The Upward Spiral
6. The Fateful Tour
7. The "Night Owl Broadcast" (And Other Acts Of Random Lunacy)
8. Changes
9. Harvest In The Valley Of Sorrows
10. Calm Before The Storm
11. The Final Breakthrough
12. Dead End
13. The Joruney Continues
14. End Of An Era
15. The Journey Continues
List of Shows
Nightwish Collector's Guide
Hospitality Rider 2005
Sound Tech Rider for Nightwish


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