My Christmas Treasury


Main Details
Publisher Series Little Golden Books
Imprint Golden Press
Compiled by Gale Wiersum
Illustrator Sylvia Emrich
Publisher Western Publishing Company, Inc.
Copyright Holder Western Publishing Company, Inc.
Contributing Writer Kathryn Jackson
Contributing Writer Christina Rossetti
Contributing Writer Gale Wiersum
Contributing Writer Elizabeth Madox Roberts
Contributing Writer Florence Page Jaques
About/Subject Christmas
About/Subject Christmas Stories (Subject)
Identifying Codes
Price U.S. 89¢
Catalog Number 455
Printer's Key H I J
Barcode (UPC) 03350092551
Format Hardback
Publication Location New York; Racine, Wisconsin
Page Count Unpaginated pages
Language English
Chapters Don't Look!
by Kathryn Jackson

The Snowshoe Rabbits
by Kathryn Jackson

What Can I Give Him?
by Christina Rossetti

Christmas Around the World
by Gale Wiersum

Christmas Morning
by Elizabeth Madox Roberts

Have a Merry —
by Gale Wiersum

The Lights on the Christmas Tree
by Florence Page Jaques

Christmas Everywhere
by Phillips Brooks
Notes Printed in the U.S.A.


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