Arthur Upfield

The Widows of Broome

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Arthur Upfield
Publisher ETT Imprint
Copyright Holder William Upfield
Series Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte
First Published
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-1875892-40-2
Format e-Book
Publication Location Australia
Language English
Chapters Table of Contents

Chapter One: The Magnet and the Filing
Chapter Two: The Wood Pile
Chapter Three: Backgrounds
Chapter Four: Medical Opinion
Chapter Five: The Derelict of Broome
Chapter Six: Activities Day
Chapter Seven: At Dampier's Hotel
Chapter Eight: A Puzzle in Silk
Chapter Nine: Medical Inspection
Chapter Ten: A Petty Thief
Chapter Eleven: Conference
Chapter Twelve: One Monday Evening
Chapter Thirteen: The Same Pattern
Chapter Fourteen: The Early Bird
Chapter Fifteen: Abie's Defection
Chapter Sixteen: Forces Organised
Chapter Seventeen: Bony Captures Mrs. Sayers
Chapter Eighteen: The Casual Enquirer
Chapter Nineteen: The Dingo Must Drink
Chapter Twenty: Poor Little Mouse!
Chapter Twenty-One: Several Facets
Chapter Twenty-Two: The Fisherman
Chapter Twenty-Three: Baiting The Hook
Chapter Twenty-Four: The Fish Rises
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Angler Wins
Notes First published 1951
First eBook edition published 2013 by ETT Imprint
Copyright William Upfield 2013


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