On The One

On The One (Volume 1 Issue 4) Spring 95

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title On The One
Publisher Paul Craven
Publisher Paul Martinez
Publishing/Publisher's Assistant Karl Smith
Publishing/Publisher's Assistant Ernesto Ramirez
Editor Andrew Jervis
Associate Editor Caspar Melville
Associate Editor Olivia Ongpen
Associate Editor Shalyce Benfell
Managing Editor Lisle Peterson
Managing Editor Doug Lloyd
Editorial Assistant Rebecca Moyer
Creative Director Paul Martinez
Creative Director Paul Craven
Staff Editor Herman Solomon
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Sydnee Sanchez
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Robert Molossi
General Manager Prom Dagoglou*
Legal Counsel Mark Duncan
Contributing Writer Lian Amber
Contributing Writer Chillfreez
Contributing Writer Cool Chris
Contributing Writer Bernadette Edgar
Contributing Writer DJ George
Contributing Writer Paul Henningson
Contributing Writer Steve Kelly (2)
Contributing Writer Matthew Kershaw
Contributing Writer Kevin Manning
Contributing Writer Katrine Ring
Contributing Writer Gordon Smith (2)
Contributing Writer Chris Stillman
Contributing Writer Swingsett
Contributing Writer Gerry Villareal
Contributing Artist Pal Allen
Contributing Artist Micheal Banks
Contributing Artist Jay Blakesberg
Contributing Artist Kevin Dubrow
Contributing Artist Enid Farber
Contributing Artist Daniela Federici
Contributing Artist James Frey
Contributing Artist Martyn Gallina-Jones
Contributing Artist Jonas Linell
Contributing Artist James Minchin
Contributing Artist Eddie Monsoon
Contributing Artist Julian Monaghan
Contributing Artist Girard Moutin III
Contributing Artist Barry Muniz
Contributing Artist Dennis Potokar
Contributing Artist Michael P. Smith
Contributing Artist Peter Williams
Copyright Holder Modern World Messengers Inc.
Cover Artist Omar
Cover photo Danella Federici*
About/Subject Music of New Orleans
About/Subject Snowboy
About/Subject Medeski Martin & Wood
About/Subject Brooklyn Funk Essentials
About/Subject Gary Bartz
About/Subject The Pharcyde
About/Subject Outside (music group)
About/Subject Christian McBride
About/Subject Alphabet Soup
About/Subject Headphones
About/Subject B-side Players
About/Subject Vodu 155
About/Subject President's Breakfast
About/Subject Omar
Interview with/Interviewee Charlie Hunter
About/Subject Flora Purim
About/Subject Jamiroquai
Interview with/Interviewee DJ Jason Bentley
About/Subject jazzCotech
About/Subject Scandinavia
About/Subject Soul Bossa Trio
About/Subject Bellissima! (record label)
About/Subject Antonio Carlos Jobim
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price $3.00
Barcode 074470841784 51
Format Magazine
Publication Location 23 Lapidge Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
Page Count 42 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Notes Jazzmopolitan Magazine

Fashion Editor - Herman Solomon
Advertising Directors - Sydnee Sanchez and Robert Molossi


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