Sweden Rock Magazine

Sweden Rock Magazine #5 / 2020

Main Details
Periodical Title Sweden Rock Magazine
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Tidsam
About/Subject Sojourner
About/Subject Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall
About/Subject Haken
About/Subject Champlin Williams Friestedt
About/Subject Green Carnation
About/Subject Oxidize
About/Subject Slipknot
About/Subject Behemoth
About/Subject Vandenberg
About/Subject Mercyful Fate
About/Subject Oz
About/Subject Joe Lynn Turner
About/Subject Witchcraft
About/Subject Firewind
About/Subject Snowy Shaw
About/Subject Alestorm
About/Subject Exhumed / Gruesome
About/Subject And Oceans
About/Subject Bleed From Within
About/Subject Caligula's Horse
About/Subject Carach Angren
About/Subject House Of Lords
About/Subject Paralydium
About/Subject Sorcerer
About/Subject Vulkan (2)
About/Subject Grave Digger
About/Subject Accept
Identifying Codes
ISSN 1650-805X
Issue Number 5
Format Magazine
Publication Location Sweden
Page Count 106 pages
Language Swedish
Notes Subscriber edition. 8 pages more than retail edition.
Special cover to subscribers.
Poster included.


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