Sweden Rock Magazine

Sweden Rock Magazine #6 / 2020

Main Details
Periodical Title Sweden Rock Magazine
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Tidsam
About/Subject Smackbound
About/Subject Fraise
About/Subject Falconer
About/Subject Mark Spiro
About/Subject Enuff Z'Nuff
About/Subject Knogjärn
About/Subject Mushroomhead
About/Subject Withering Surface
About/Subject Simon Lundh
About/Subject Bandbond
About/Subject BPMD
About/Subject Course Of Fate
About/Subject NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal)
About/Subject Powerwolf
About/Subject Whitesnake
About/Subject Hank von Hell
About/Subject Kansas
About/Subject Vampire
About/Subject Liktal
About/Subject Beyond The Black
About/Subject Bloody Heels
About/Subject Denied
About/Subject Feuerschwanz
About/Subject Kall
About/Subject Kryptograf
About/Subject Eamonn McCormack
About/Subject Christian Rosander
About/Subject Rrrags
About/Subject Shok Paris
About/Subject Tuple
About/Subject Paradise Lost
Identifying Codes
ISSN 1650-805X
Issue Number 6
Format Magazine
Publication Location Sweden
Page Count 105 pages
Language Swedish
Notes Subscriber edition. 8 pages more than retail edition.
Special cover to subscribers.


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