Mario Panciera

45 Revolutions, Volume 1: UK/Ireland

(First Published)

Main Details
Author Mario Panciera
Imprint Hurdy Gurdy Books
Printed by Grafica Corma Vicenza
Bound by Legatoria Lombarda Milan
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-88-95592-00-8
Barcode 9788895592008
Price €85,00
Format Hardback
Publication Location Italy
Page Count 1190 pages
Language English
Notes Punk, mod/powerpop, new wave, NWOBHM, indie singles in the years of anarchy, chaos and destruction: 1976-1979

This reference book lists and analyzes punk, mod/powerpop, new wave, NWOBHM and indie singles issued by British and Irish artists between the emergence of punk and the end of 1979.
Facts are the essence of this research: names, dates, titles, different pressings, alternative sleeves, important events, cross-references.
Opinions are kept to a minimum and are mostly expressed through quoted period reviews which, decades after they were written, have themselves become historical artifacts. Philosophical and sociological digressions are outside the remit of this volume: the long words are left to grace (or more often disgrace) a few other tomes devoted to punk.


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