Tim Mason

Nazism, Fascism And The Working Class: Essays By Tim Mason

(First Published)

Main Details
Author Tim Mason
Editor Jane Caplan
Introduction by Jane Caplan
Cover/Jacket Design by Peter Bridgewater
Cover Art by John Heartfield
Publisher The Press Syndicate Of The University Of Cambridge
Printed by Bell And Bain Ltd*
Copyright Holder Cambridge University Press
About/Subject Nazism
About/Subject Fascism
First Published
Identifying Codes
Barcode 9 780521 437875
Barcode 9780521437875
ISBN 0 521 43767 3
Dewey Decimal Classification Number 305.5'62'09430904-dc20
Library of Congress Call Number HD8450.M3715 1995
Library of Congress Classification Number 94-9513
Format Paperback
Publication Location Cambridge, England; New York, New York; Melbourne, Australia
Page Count 361 pages
Language English
Chapters Acknowledgements - viii
List of abbreviations - x

Introduction by Jane Caplan - 1
1 - Some origins of the Second World War - 33
2 - The primacy of politics. Politics and economics in National Socialist Germany - 53
3 - The origins of the Law on the Organization of National Labour of 20 January 1934. An investigation into the relationship between 'archaic' and 'modern' elements in recent German history - 77
4 - Internal crisis and war of aggression, 1938-1939 - 104
5 - Women in Germany, 1925-1940. Family, welfare and work - 131
6 - Intention and explanation. A current controversy about the interpretation of National Socialism - 212
7 - The containment of the working class in Nazi Germany - 231
8 - The Turin strikes of March 1943 - 274
9 - The domestic dynamics of Nazi conquests. A response to critics - 295
10 - Whatever happened to 'fascism'? - 323

Bibliography of publications by Tim Mason - 332
Bibliography of works cited - 336
Index - 352
Notes "© in the collection only and editorial matter Cambridge University Press 1995"

"The cover illustration is of a photomontage by John Heartfield, entitle 'Das Tausendjährige Reich,' reproduced by kind permission of the Akademie der Kunste: Stiftung Archiv and the Verwertungsgesellschaft Bild-Kunst, Bonn, and the Design and Design and Artists Copyright Society (on behalf of the Estate of John Heartfield)"


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