National Geographic Partners, LLC

For almost 130 years, the National Geographic Society has funded groundbreaking scientists and explorers and shared their findings with the world.
It sponsored Hiram Bingham as he brought back stories of Machu Picchu, documented Robert Ballard’s quest to find the Titanic, and supported Jane Goodall’s study of chimpanzees.
To date, it has given out more than 12,000 grants to work that is making a real difference in the world—projects like the Big Cat’s Initiative, which is working to stop the decline in populations of big cats in the wild; and the Pristine Seas project, which has helped protect 3 million square kilometers of the ocean’s last wild places.
And with our planet’s future at stake, the Society is focused on the guardians of that future: our children. Its education programs give teachers the tools they need to engage kids of all ages, revealing our interconnected world, and inspiring new generations of citizens and explorers.


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