Hauptmann und Kompanie Werbeagentur, Zürich

Hauptmann und Kampa Werbeagentur was an advertising & design agency, founded 1995 by David Boris Hauptmann and Daniel Kampa in Zug, Switzerland. There was also an office in Munich, Germany. In 2003, the headquarter moved from Zug to Zurich, Switzerland.
At the beginning of 2005, Daniel Kampa became a member of the management of the Diogenes Verlag, for which he had already worked since 1994, and therefore left the agency. The company was renamed to Hauptmann & Kompanie Werbeagentur, München - Zürich.
In 2009, the Munich office was closed, and the companys name changed to Hauptmann und Kompanie Werbeagentur, Zürich.


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