Buchgemeinschaft Donauland Kremayr & Scheriau, Wien

  • Founded: (Austria)
  • Closed:

Book sales club founded by publisher Rudolf Kremayr (1905 - 1989) and his personnel manager Wilhelm Scheriau (1916).
A cooperation with Bertelsmann Lesering began in 1966, the same year Kremayr retired and sold his shares of Kremayr & Scheriau Verlag to Bertelsmann.
In 1969, Donauland joined Bertelsmann Club GmbH.
As Bertelsmann bought the Deutsche Buchgemeinschaft in 1988, the branches in Austria (Deutsche Buch-Gemeinschaft, Wien) and South Tyrol were merged to Donauland in 1989.
In 2010, Bertelsmann closed the Austrian branch, clients were served from Germany.

Sometimes credited as Buchgemeinschaft Donauland


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