Ellery Queen

Pseudonym used by two American cousins, Frederic Dannay (Real name: Daniel Nathan, October 20, 1905 – September 3, 1982), and Manfred B. Lee (Real name: Emanuel Benjamin Lepofsky, January 11, 1905 – April 3, 1971).

Dannay and Lee wrote, edited, and anthologized detective fiction under the pseudonym Ellery Queen. The writers' main fictional character, also named Ellery Queen, is a mystery writer and amateur detective. Dannay and Lee also wrote novels about the amateur detective/retired actor Drury Lane under the pseudonym Barnaby Ross. Dannay was editor-in-chief of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazin from 1941 to 1982.

Later Ellery Queen novels were ghost-written by writers including Theodore Sturgeon, Avram Davidson, and Jack Vance.


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