The Wheel of Time

Series of high fantasy novels written by Robert Jordan. The series includes fourteen novels in addition to a prequel novel and two companion books. Volumes 12 to 14 were completed by Brandon Sanderson after Jordan passed away before finishing them.

On several occasions, chapters from various books in the series were released several months in advance of publication. These were released in eBook format as promotional tools for the then-upcoming release.

Main series:
The Eye of the World (1990)
The Great Hunt (1990)
The Dragon Reborn (1991)
The Shadow Rising (1992)
The Fires of Heaven (1993)
Lord of Chaos (1994)
A Crown of Swords (1996)
The Path of Daggers (1998)
Winter's Heart (2000)
Crossroads of Twilight (2003)
Knife of Dreams (2005)
The Gathering Storm (2009)
Towers of Midnight (2010)
• A Memory of Light (2013)

New Spring: The Novel (2004)

Companion books:
• The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time (1997)
• The Wheel of Time Companion: The People, Places, and History of the Bestselling Series (2015)


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